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movie # 11: Igby goes down
Nomad Steve

A young man's peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up.

Directed: Burr Steers
Starring: Kieran Culkin, Ryan Phillipe, Susan Sarandon

One of my guilty pleasures: movies about white rich kids coming of age and adjusting to their stupid out of my world problems filled with drugs, sex and money. I just love them (for example Tart, and the reason why I used to watch Gossip Girl).

So I basically rented this movie because of that, to find out it was a much smarter movie than that. Kieran Culkin is good as the son that just doesn't give a fuck and the that was affected the most out of his father's insanity. The only thing distracting me from his acting was thinking how much he looks like his brothers Rory and Macaulay.

Susan Sarandon is presh as the popping pill mother that just doesn't care about anything except on how it looks for her and Ryan Phillipe as the young republican. Man I remember when I loved Ryan Phillipe.

Overall, I really liked this movie. It was fun, and somethings were quite unexpected.

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