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movie # 24 New York, I love you
Nomad Steve

The next installment of the 'I LOVE YOU' series (first one being the amazing Paris, je t'aime) shows 8 shorts woven with small transitions featuring other ways to show the love in the city.

Given 24 hours to shoot and one week to edit, 9 directors tried to capture New York's stunning beauty and diversity but failed to do so in a charming way. That transition scenes took away from what gave Paris je t'aime that compilation of shorts feel, making it feel like 8 differente stories interwoven into one big film.

Horrible performances by several of the actors included in this, and I couldn't help but think that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson have the worst chemistry ever for an engaged couple in real life.

The only thing that saved me from falling asleep while watching this movie where (and I'm ashamed to say) the Brett Ratner short about the prom couple, mostly thanks to Anton Yelchin; and that beautiful short about the old couple in love directed by Joshua Marston.